We’ve all had those tiresome situations on our travels when things don’t quite go to plan. So, we’ve tapped the Diversity Travel team for some bitesize travel tips to nip some of those tedious times in the bud and make sure you’re prepared for anything…


Book in advance

Whether it’s a UK train journey or long haul flight, booking early is always the best way to reduce your travel costs.

Double check everything

It never hurts to carefully double check your travel itinerary. Arrive at the right terminal at the right time, every time.

Get extra copies

Always print additional hard copies of all your travel documents, as you may not have access to your email or phone when you need them most!

Link your transport up

Most travel management companies have ground travel partnerships that can help keep your travel seamless, secure and cost-effective. Ask your designated travel management company how they can help you!

Scope out the best eats

If you want to try some tasty local street food, stand back and take note of where the locals are buying theirs from. Chances are that this is the safest and most delicious place to go.

Carry a fake wallet

If you have to spend time in a dangerous area, carry a fake wallet full of old currency and some expired reward cards. Should you ever be accosted, hand this wallet over and keep your real wallet safe and secure.

Know when to tip

Research the tipping culture of where you’re travelling to. In some cultures, tipping is considered rude behaviour!

Use academic fares

If flexible travel plans are a must, use specialist academic fares to secure the lowest fares with reduced penalties for changes or cancellation.

Know when to be grateful

Research how to show appreciation where you’re travelling to. Many cultures expect specific traits to be shown at certain times, lest you be considered rude!


Whenever communicating, do so with a smile on your face! No matter the situation, a smile should solicit a positive response from those around you and help diffuse any possible problems or misunderstandings.


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