Skyscanner and other aggregator sites have long been a go-to for travellers seeking a range of flight options. However, beneath its extensive array of choices lies a platform that fails to live up to the high standards of regulation found with booking through Diversity Travel.

Aggregator sites like Skyscanner operate as a redirect platform to third-party websites, encompassing a wide spectrum of Online Travel Agents (OTAs). However, there is a lack of stringent criteria that these third parties must meet to be featured on the platform. Consequently, users may find themselves directed to entities without proven business histories or robust customer service, raising concerns regarding accountability and reliability in case of contingencies.

A common practice to help customers save money on their booking is to split tickets, however, the breakdown of journeys into individual tickets, even for a single travel direction, can lead to unforeseen complications for travellers. For instance, the absence of through tickets might impact immigration processes or baggage collection. Unfortunately, such crucial information might be relegated to small footnotes, easily overlooked by users, potentially leading to travel inconveniences.

Skyscanner's presentation of fare data, while vast, may not always reflect accurate or bookable prices. Instances of false pricing displays are not uncommon, creating a perception of cheaper fares that are, in reality, unattainable. Additionally, OTAs' use of cached results on Skyscanner might mislead users with initially lower prices, only to reveal increased rates upon booking due to live availability searches.

In stark contrast to the intricacies of aggregator sites, Diversity Travel stands out for its commitment to integrity, transparency, and specialised services tailored for academic and charity travel.

Diversity Travel's approach revolves around providing specialised fares that align with the unique requirements of academic and charity sectors. This includes discounted rates and flexible terms, extra baggage allowances, and reduced change and cancellation fees. Additionally, our personalised service extends beyond ticketing, offering expert guidance and support throughout the travel process, ensuring a seamless journey aligned with the organisation's values and goals.

Whilst aggregator sites remain a popular choice for general travel searches, its inherent complexities and potential discrepancies in data and pricing make it less suitable for organisations seeking reliability, accountability, and purpose-driven travel. In contrast, Diversity Travel's unwavering commitment to specialised services, integrity, and tailored support stands as a beacon for those in the academic and charity sectors, offering a profound travel experience that transcends mere logistics, ensuring every journey aligns with organisational values and goals.