After the release of the UN Climate Change report earlier this week, it has never been more vital to make the steps towards saving our planet. The report, based on years of scientific research, concludes that if global temperatures exceed another 1.5°C , there will be catastrophic consequences for the earth. These include the mass extinction of many animals and plants, the loss of most coral reefs and a further rise in sea levels resulting from melting ice in the Arctic. This final point alone would see thousands of people in low-lying regions losing their homes; with this, we would witness the destruction of countless beautiful destinations across the globe.

With urgent action required immediately, we all have a responsibility to do what we can to limit a temperature increase. By collectively making small changes, we will inevitably make a demonstrable impact on our planet. So, what are we doing to improve our sustainability at Diversity Travel?

What we do

  • We’re a carbon neutral company! We’ve also achieved an incredible 83.9% reduction in emissions per £m turnover and are always looking to improve.
  • We include the total CO2 emissions for each journey in our digital quotes. Our flight results can be sorted by carbon emissions, allowing clients to identify flights with minimal environmental impact, making it easier to achieve a lower carbon footprint.
  • We are ISO14001* certified and comply with all laws, regulations and requirements so that we’re always working towards a more ethical approach in our work. Our own IMS004 policy focuses on the minimisation of our environmental impact – something we take very seriously!
  • When it comes to staff travel, we are always finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes carsharing, meeting with several clients within one area and improving the regularity of video calls to replace car travel.
  • We support the Uganda Borehole Project with Carbon Footprint. Already, we’ve offset 68 tonnes of CO2 emissions by helping to provide the region with clean drinking water, thus reducing the need to burn firewood for boiling.
  • NetPositiveFutures is an education-specific initiative that focuses on the positives of reducing environmental impact. We have an action plan in place with them to support engagement with sustainability.

*the international standard for effective environmental management



Our aim is to have a positive social impact; for our staff, our community & the environment



The Future

Our key objectives now include the reduction of our environmental impact; we consider this essential for both our own future progress and the prevention of further damage to the planet.
How will we continue to do this?

  • We plan to reduce flight miles for each traveller by 10%.
  • We are promoting the use of public transport to staff by offering discounts and schemes.
  • We regularly assess our energy usage and are always seeking improvement.
  • We are working hard to reduce workplace waste and have increased our recycling capabilities.

Diversity Travel is just a small part of a much bigger picture. By combining the many changes made by everyone in society, we will doubtless see a major impact on the future of our earth.

You can read the IPCC summary report here.