Client Obstacles

1. Requirement for insightful Management Information

The Senior Management Team at the Salvation Army International headquarters needed to develop their Management Information reporting to achieve a clear view of worldwide staff and worker travel statistics. This was necessary to improve risk analysis, identify travel trends and cost-saving opportunities and ultimately ensure that all travel requests could be executed seamlessly and efficiently.

2. Consistent support needed

The Salvation Army were also looking for a Travel Management Company (TMC) who could handle
bookings with the same care and detail as their inhouse agency, delivering 24/7 expert advice, support and travel alerts.

3. Lack of dedicated travel team

Due to the demanding scale of the organisation’s operations, they required a personalised service and
dedicated travel management team that could bring to their attention the special rates and offers that
they were eligible for, saving money on their overall travel spend.

The Salvation Army also required a TMC that could empower them with informed, objective and practical recommendations for improvements across their travel booking processes. 

Diversity Travel's solution

1. Management Information reporting system
Following an initial consultation, Diversity Travel presented a complete profile of The Salvation
Army’s traveller behaviour and spend by consolidating existing data via our sophisticated,
real-time Management Information reporting system.

These results gave invaluable, tailored insight into the specific problem areas that the organisation
wanted to prioritise, quickly identifying opportunities to save money and improve both travel policy
compliance and duty of care obligations. Following this initial capture and presentation of The
Salvation Army’s travel, Diversity Travel have been able to continuously provide a consolidated view
of travel behaviour and spend by combining all of the organisation’s travel data in one central location.

The Salvation Army International headquarters have successfully achieved full visibility of their travel

2. 24/7 support
A member of the Diversity Travel team is available 24/7 365 days a year, assuring peace of mind for
bookers and travellers alike. The Salvation Army International also have a global overview of their travellers with live-location data, direct messaging capabilities, travel data for every booking and instant travel alerts to advise workers of emergencies and potential dangers. In providing these services, all communications to and from Salvation Army travelers are logged and can be used to demonstrate compliance with duty of care obligations.

3. Assigned a dedicated team
For day-to-day travel requirements, we assign a committed team to each of our clients, each named after a different tree. These provide expert advice and a full travel management service tailored to each client’s specific needs. The Willow Team were assigned to the Salvation Army, delivering accurate and up-to-date quotes, and sourcing and presenting various travel options to cater for the organisation’s complex and varied route requirements.

Since then, new processes and systems have been implemented in order to further improve efficiency
and maximise cost savings. The Salvation Army utilise our exclusive air fares, discounted hotel rates, expert visa services, travel consultancy and program analysis to achieve added value through their entire travel process

Diversity Travel arranged for 1,480 delegates from 76 different countries to travel to London to celebrate The Salvation Army’s 150th anniversary at their International Congress. Though fares are normally only available up to 11 months before travel, Diversity Travel negotiated a special deal with airlines, securing group rates more than a year in advance, before the flights went on general sale.

This instance alone resulted in 16.7% of savings amounting to £30,480.


Due to the wealth of improvements and services introduced and implemented by Diversity Travel, all
world office bookings are now made through The Salvation Army’s UK office. This has resulted in an
increase in travel and hotel booking effectiveness and in 2017, 54% of flights booked were on special
charity or negotiated fares, leading to significant savings.

Diversity Travel’s ability to provide a personalised service and dedicated travel management team means that a member of the team is there to respond quickly at all times of the day, using their knowledge and expertise to resolve any issues or provide support to travellers.

The Salvation Army continue to have access to an extensive range of singular and group travel options and receive stress-free customer service with a genuine company-wide passion for their cause