Train drivers for LNER and Northern Rail are due to strike on Friday, March 1st, after the Aslef Union claimed the operators failed repeatedly to comply with agreements. 

The walkout is expected to create major disruption for passengers. 

The action will also see a ban on overtime, starting the day before on February 29th, and carrying on until the day after the strike on March 2nd.

Mick Whelan, the general secretary of Aslef union, said of the strikes: 

“We are fed up to the back teeth with the bad faith shown, day after day, week after week, and month after month by these two companies.

“We always stick to agreements which we make. These companies think they can break agreements – which they freely enter into – whenever it suits them. And they’re wrong. This is a shot across their bows and a sign of things to come.”

You're booked to travel on a strike day - what are your options?

Options for ticket validity differ depending on the train operator you're booked with but if your train is cancelled, you are entitled to a refund. 

Validity of tickets for travel on strike days has been extended to the day before and up to 2 days after the date of the strike.

Please note that if you are travelling through London and your tickets includes the London Underground, it may not be valid on Underground services on an alternative date.

How do I know if my journey has been affected? 

We won't know until closer to the strike dates which services have been impacted. You can check Trainline's status page, which will list all known disruptions here.

Will trains still be running on strike days?

There will still be some services running but these are likely to be extremely busy and or significantly delayed.

Diversity Travel is recommending against all but essential travel on these days, and would advise against booking any travel. Travel either side of these days may also be affected.