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We help plan humanitarian trips to India

Embarking on a Humanitarian trip to India is such a rewarding experience because it's a great way to get involved in international volunteering and give back to those in need. Humanitarian trips to India offer plenty of opportunities to help out in various ways, from teaching English to working in medical clinics.

But it's no secret that planning these one-of-a-kind trips take a lot of time and dedication. This is why working closely with your organizations like us here at Diversity Travel, enables you to focus on the caring side, while we handle all the Humanitarian trip logistics for you. 

Our humanitarian specialists are here to support you when organizing a humanitarian trip to India. We have worked with over 2,000 organizations ranging from independent start-ups to NGOs that provide aid to those who need it most. 

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Award-winning humanitarian travel experts!

As leaders in our field, we promise to ensure that your humanitarian trip to India runs smoothly. Years in the industry have taught us that all humanitarian trips require a lot of care, planning, and organization and humanitarian trips to India are no exception. But don't worry, we're on your side, and getting to plan an array of humanitarian trips worldwide has provided us with unrivaled expertise.

Of course, when planning a humanitarian trip to India, it is essential to do your research and find one that suits your skillset and interests.

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From paperwork to partners

We will also inform you of the correct documentation everyone will need in order to get involved with a humanitarian trip to India and find accommodation with trusted partners to make sure your party is working as safely as possible. We also promise exceptional service and fantastic value throughout. 

Excellent value always

We promise to provide value-focused travel solutions

We know how important every penny is on these trips and we promise to provide value-focused travel solutions that unlock access to fares and rates exclusive to Diversity Travel. 

Recognized as a leading travel management agency in humanitarian travel, we have strong relationships with suppliers, generating cost efficiencies that are passed on to our clients. This part of our service also extends to planning humanitarian trips to India.

We can also offer fantastic benefits when it comes to arranging everything airfare-related for humanitarian trips to India.

Extra baggage allowance

It’s comforting to know that when planning a humanitarian trip to India or beyond, having the ability to hold seats provisionally for up to 11 months, and securing the lowest fare until you are ready to commit, is such an added bonus…especially in such uncertain times.

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Always here for you

Whether we are booking your next humanitarian trip to India, or any other location, we can assist. Even in the event that support is needed for one of your travelers on New Years Day, you will always be able to speak to a trusted and friendly member of the Diversity Travel team. 

If you’re ready to arrange a humanitarian trip to India then Get in touch today to discuss your unique requirements and tell us more about your compelling cause, remember that nothing is too much trouble, and there is no better team than Diversity Travel to enlist when planning a humanitarian trip.

Our Value Proposition

“Our expert people and technology enable humanitarian, non-profit and faith organizations to change the world by nurturing long-term travel partnerships, simplifying the booking of complex travel and minimizing cost”