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Our humanitarian specialists are always here to support you

Our medical humanitarian specialists are ready and waiting to support you when organizing medical humanitarian trips. We have worked with over 2,000 organizations ranging from independent start-ups to NGOs that provide critical medical aid to those who need it most.

In order to ensure these medical trips run smoothly, they require a lot of care, planning and organization. Our humanitarian team provides round the clock assistance to ensure that everything is in place for your medical humanitarian trip. 

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We provide support when planning a medical humanitarian trip

Our valuable insight and unparalleled buying power come from years of experience working in the humanitarian sector. 

We inform you of the correct documentation everyone will need and find accommodation with trusted partners to make sure your party is working as safely as possible. We also promise exceptional service and fantastic value throughout.

Efficient, value-focused travel

We help plan for any eventuality

Making savings is an excellent way to ensure valuable resources remain a top priority. We promise to provide value-focused travel solutions that unlock access to fares and rates exclusive to Diversity Travel. Recognized as a leading travel management agency in humanitarian travel, we have unparalleled relationships with suppliers, generating cost efficiencies that are passed on to our clients.

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Award-winning medical humanitarian trip services

Whether we are booking your next trip, negotiating your global hotel program or assisting one of your travelers on Christmas Day, you will always be speaking to a member of the Diversity Travel team. We have built an award-winning team of humanitarian travel experts who are trusted to manage the travel programs of some of the world's highest-profile organizations.

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Extra baggage allowance

The ability to hold seats provisionally for up to 11 months, securing the lowest fare until you are ready to commit

Reduced change and cancelations fees should your plans change after your booking is confirmed.

No minimum stay and a maximum stay of up to a year

Network fares - from and to any point on the airlines' networks for travelers who’s journey does not originate in the US.

Always in your corner

If you have a mission that requires humanitarian medical aid...we want to help. Get in touch today to discuss your unique requirements and tell us more about your compelling cause.
Working closely with your organizations, we can help arrange a trip that ticks all of the boxes.

Remember, nothing is too much trouble, and there is no better team to have on your side when planning your first or next medical humanitarian trip.