The daily hardship that so many women refugees face is challenging to contemplate and even harder to bear. Having to escape danger in their home country is one of many terrifying concerns. Sadly, many women struggle to cope with the unfair challenges that arise even after seeking refuge.

And these additional difficulties come in all shapes and sizes. From lack of access to education to harrowing forced marriages, poor employment opportunities and sexual exploitation, these women refugees are marginalized worldwide, and we want to do all we can to help prevent this.

Women refugees should not face these unfair circumstances anywhere in the world, and to highlight the importance of this issue, here are some examples of the added pressures and unfair challenges women refugees face on a daily basis:

Limited access to education

Education is a fundamental human right, so why are so many refugee women and girls not receiving it? Many of them are not currently in education because they simply cannot afford it. Often their priorities are ensuring they have money to pay for food, meaning many refugee children must work to help support their families financially. 

At Diversity Travel, we are proud partners of numerous organizations that campaign and enable women to access safe and fair education. We also work hard to support organizations fighting for equality. 

Unfortunately, there is a significant gap in education access between refugee boys and girls. Still, we must keep asking why the opportunities for girls and women are so much less. 

Making sure women and girls have a fair chance and the same access to support and resources is of fundamental importance to us. This is a crucial reason why we help devise humanitarian trips that help tackle these issues so women refugees can receive the care and quality of education they should be entitled to.

Employment opportunities

Getting work for women refugees can be extremely difficult; with the discrimination that occurs and little consideration given to women who must look after their children, employment opportunities diminish. It's hard to fathom, but how can women go out to work and provide for their families if they have children to look after and no support network to help? This can be a vicious and cruel cycle that often repeats and one that many women find themselves in.

At Diversity Travel, we want to do our part in supporting these causes and help create opportunities by providing seamless travel management. Our services enable incredible organizations like yours to invest time and resources where they are needed and do the vital work that is so important, such as developing skills that could increase women's chances of securing employment.

Child marriage

Harsh realities are an everyday occurrence for women refugees. Still, nothing is more devastating than when vulnerable mothers and caregivers are left with no other choice but to agree to child marriage to protect their children from sexual violence. 

Another common reason young girls are permitted to marry is to allow the new family to care for their child, whilst their previous family can go out to work and earn money for the rest of the family.

Sexual exploitation

Sexual exploitation of women refugees is something that continues to happen due to them having insufficient food and access to medical care. Struggling financially to afford necessities can lead to women refugees being forced to turn to other dangerous means of obtaining what they need to survive.

These basic needs should be accessible to all, with no one having to resort to circumstances like these.

Inaccessible healthcare

Many women refugees do not have access to national medical services because they may not be officially registered refugees yet. This means they are forced to seek unaffordable private healthcare, leading to many complications and health issues, especially in overcrowded refugee camps.

Women refugees worldwide are in desperate need of humanitarian aid, which we can help you provide. You can help these women with the challenges they face.

Remember we can help!

At Diversity Travel we want to be part of the solution and always strive to provide reliable travel services that assist humanitarian organizations to deliver crucial aid and vital support efficiently.

We can help arrange travel, documentation, accommodation, luggage allowances and much more to ensure that you are fully prepped and able to deal with the tough challenges ahead.

If you need more information about the causes we support, or if you want help in arranging safe humanitarian travel, please contact our friendly and experienced team today.