Find out the definition of charity travel with this concise blog from the Diversity Dictionary series by Diversity Travel.

Charity travel is the overarching category of travel conducted by charitable organisations and other not-for-profits. When it comes to charity travel, charities often require very particular travel management services, which are best offered by specialist travel management companies (TMCs).

For example, many charities are called into action with late notice, requiring speedy arrangements, which are best carried out by business travel consultants familiar with this way of working. In addition, charities travelling to do their vital work across the globe often need to make last minute changes and travel with significant luggage requirements. To help charity’s on this front, some TMCs offer charity fares, these are unique airfares offering substantial benefits in terms of flexibility and baggage allowance, and were pioneered by Diversity Travel’s founder, Harish Sodha.

Equally, charities often need to travel to remote locations, as well as dangerous or volatile areas. Such additional considerations require effective risk management solutions (for example, traveller tracking technology and travel alerts), which specialist TMCs should offer.

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