Since Russia's invasion began 12 months ago, we have arranged the transport of thousands of aid workers and support personnel via flights into the region.

We are working in partnership with a number of major international charities to create an air bridge in and out of the conflict zone, and use on-the-ground intelligence and data analysis to help plan safe routes on the ground for aid workers in the region. 

Christopher Airey, Managing Director for Diversity Travel commented; “As we near the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, our entire team is continuing to work to ensure the right support reaches the casualties, the displaced and all those caught up in the conflict. 

“The logistics of moving people and equipment into the region remains extremely complex.  

“In the early days of the conflict, it was about aid agencies establishing base camps and safe areas and how we could move aid workers in and out of the region."
“This quickly became established, however the recent ramp up of Russian aggression in the region, including the targeting of civilian infrastructure and residences, has made effective travel management operations even more important."
“The expert team at Diversity is as experienced in this type of operation as the aid agencies and charities who put their trust in us to deliver their travel needs. We are extremely proud of the work we are facilitating through our efforts.”