Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) has resumed allowing some transit passengers to use the airport.

“From 1 June 2020 until further notice, only transit/transfer passengers who have been checked through at the origin port and take transit/transfer flights operated by the same airline group are accepted at HKG,” the airport says.

All passengers, including departing, arriving and transfer/transit passengers, as well as airport staff are required to wear face masks in all passenger accessible areas of HKG’s restricted area “until further notice”.

Other measures include the following:

  • All transfer/transit and arriving passengers must undergo body temperature screening upon arrival.
  • Transfer/transit passengers are requested to go directly to the boarding gates for their connecting flights immediately.
  • Transfer/transit passengers are given stickers at transfer points for identification purpose.
  • Passengers have to keep a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other when standing in queues.
  • Alcohol-based hand rub dispensers and sanitising floor mats are available at each arrival gate and “throughout the entire terminal”.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the boarding gate area and airbridge are carried out after each arriving flight.
  • Protective screens are installed at service counters, including airline check-in counters and customer services centres.
  • Designated dining areas are set up for transfer/transit passengers.