A group of soldiers appeared on the country's national televison late on Wednesday evening, and decalared that they had dissolved the constitution, suspended all instructions and closed the nation's borders. 

Reading from a statement, Colonel Amadou Abdramane said the defence and security forces had decided to “put an end to the regime that you know due to the deteriorating security situation and bad governance”.

He said the country’s borders were closed and all institutions of the republic suspended, and announced a national curfew. The soldiers warned against any foreign intervention.

This comes days after members of Niger's presidential guard surrounded the palace and detained President Bazoum.

Mr Bazoum was elected two years ago in the nation's first peaceful, democratic transfer of power since its independence from France in 1960. He remains a key ally in efforts from the West to stabilise Africa's Sahel region, which has been plagued by coups in recent years.

The situation has been condemed by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and has urged for Mr Baxoum's release. The EU, UN, France and other nations have also condemend the uprising and are following the events very closely with concern.

We have begun to contact any clients that are effected by the events in Niger, however if you haven't been contacted and need more information, please contact your dedicated reservations team.