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Travel risk has never been more important, which is why we’re thrilled to partner with global risk experts ILS (International Location Safety Ltd)

Traveler safety and wellbeing has always been a priority for Diversity Travel and we're constantly looking for ways to improve peace of mind for our clients around the world. That's why we've partnered with ILS, the leaders in risk management services.

ILS are experts in providing safety advice, support and training, so we're delighted to be working with them – especially as the pandemic has placed even more emphasis on the need for rigorous duty of care.

How can ILS support your organization?

Travel Safety & Security (TSS) Training

Traveling overseas for work can be rewarding but also challenging. This engaging and interactive online course has been developed to explore those challenges and to help travelers feel happy, healthy, and safe.

The course is delivered as an open-seat online training, in 5 modules, each lasting 90 min. 

The course includes information on how to: 

  • Develop a Travel Risk Assessment
  • Understand how your personal profile affects your risk
  • Develop a simple risk management plan
  • Understand the security environment around you
  • Become more situationally aware
  • Deal with aggressive people, and threats
  • Be safer in your hotel and taxi
  • Develop practical strategies for protecting your psychological health
  • Respond to specific threats (as identified by the learners, such as sexual violence, terrorist threats, road traffic accidents)

Outcomes: This course will teach learners how to:

  • Enhance their safety and security awareness to increase confidence when traveling.
  • Examine options to reduce the likelihood of a safety or security incident occurring while abroad.
  • Evaluate options to reduce the impact of a safety or security incident should it occur while abroad.
  • Improve their ability to carry out work effectively, fulfilling their objectives and those of the organization.

Duty of Care (DOC) Benchmarking

In recent years, following a handful of landmark rulings, organizations have come under increased scrutiny and pressure to meet their duty of care obligations. This comprehensive benchmarking review provides organizations with an analysis of their safety and security risk management policies and practices.

Through a process of ‘discovery’, which includes document reviews, strategic and operational workshops, key informant interviews and e-surveys, ILS deliver a comprehensive, but easy to understand report, fronted by a Duty of Care Dashboard and backed with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Areas covered by the review include:

  • Organizational risk governance and accountability
  • Travel Risk Management policies and practices
  • Incident response capacity and systems
  • Access to and suitability of training
  • Well-being of staff and consultants
  • Information sharing practises
  • Financial resource availability
  • Continuous improvement of policy and practise

Outcomes: Clients will receive a duty of care benchmarking dashboard, an organizational risk appetite statement, recommendations for improving risk management policies and practices, a training needs assessment, and guidance on future implementation of the findings.

Travel Risk Reviews (ISO31030)

ISO31030 (Travel Risk Management) was published in 2021. It is the first internationally recognized standard for the management of travel risk. It is relevant to all organizations, regardless of size, sector or location.

Having been closely involved in the development of ISO31030, sitting on the Risk Management Group of BSI (British Standards Institute, RM1/2), the ILS team have a uniquely detailed understanding of the contents, and logic, of the standard.

ILS has developed a complete, and flexible, ISO31030 review process, which provides organizations with an independent external review designed to provide assurance that they are conforming to the standard.

The process: The Travel Risk Management Review considers ISO31030 through 7 key 'areas of practise'. 

  • Organizational Understanding
  • Travel Risk Management
  • Travel Risk Assessment
  • Risk Treatment
  • Communications and Consultation
  • Monitoring and review
  • Reporting and Recording

Each 'area of practice' is reviewed against a set of (approx.) 60 'key criteria' that ILS have drawn from ISO 31030. 

The process is informed by a review of both policy and practice, and will include (1) a desktop review of all travel related documents, (2) distribution of an e-survey to staff (3) an operational workshop (4) series of key informant interviews and (5) a workshop.

The outputs from the process include (1) a full narrative report of our findings (2) a RAG scored dashboard (3) a Development and Implementation plan and Budget (5) A badge of conformity with ISO13030 (upon successful completion).

Help Desk

What is it?

A subscription service that provides affordable access to responsive, ad-hoc, travel safety, crisis management and security risk advisory services.

Our promise:

A timely response from an appropriate specialist to any safety or security risk advisory question posed by your team.   

How it works: 

You will be allocated a Senior Risk Advisor as Account Manager and day to day point of contact.

Your Account Manager will set up and configure your agency specific Security Instant Message Group. This will link your team to the ILS Risk Advisory Team. Our team provide a range of specialities covering numerous regions and contexts, languages and disciplines; from travel safety, to information security, safeguarding, to medical.

The team also provide access to ILS’ extensive global network of friends, clients and associates who extend that knowledge even further. All this expertise becomes immediately available to you, when you need it, via Instant Message, Email or Phone.

Key benefits include: 

  • A closed and secure Instant Messaging chat group
  • Immediate verbal advice on safety and security issues
  • Document reviews (e.g. risk assessment review)
  • Initial Incident / Crisis Management Support
  • Additional email & telephone support from your account manager
  • A preferential day rate and access to consultancy work and training