Learn the definition of ‘travel visa’ with this simple explanation from the travel experts at Diversity Travel.

A travel visa is an item added to a passport that allows the bearer to enter a particular country. Visas are usually either represented by stamps or by stickers, and are only provided by government officials of a country. The usual process of obtaining a visa involves visiting an embassy or consulate of the country to which you wish to travel. A visa will stipulate conditions of entry for the traveller, usually related to the length of time they are permitted to spend in the country on that visa.

Much like a passport, a travel visa is an official government document, but whilst a passport serves to prove your citizenship and identity, as well as being a necessity for most international travel, a visa will only temporarily allow you to visit a particular country.

Getting hold of a travel visa is often a time-consuming and tedious process, involving a number of forms and trips back and forth to an embassy. However, your organisation could save significant time and associated costs by using the services of a travel management company; we at Diversity Travel have a dedicated Visa team and our own fleet of courier drivers who are on hand around the clock to sort your visa and get you travelling.

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