Find out the definition of a charity fares, also known as humanitarian fares with this simple explanation from Diversity Travel.

Charity fares are special air fares, introduced by airlines to assist charitable organisations in performing charity work abroad. The principal benefits of these fares are in the flexibility they provide to the charity sector, where itineraries and travel requirements often change at short notice, typical examples are:

  • Extra baggage allowance
  • The ability to hold seats provisionally for up to 11 months, securing the lowest fare until the customer is ready to commit
  • Reduced change and cancellations fees should plans change after booking is confirmed
  • No minimum stay and a maximum stay of up to a year

In most case, charity fares are only available through specialist travel management companies (TMCs). Diversity Travel’s founder, Harish Sodha pioneered the concept and introduction of humanitarian fares over 30 years ago, and we provide our extensive raft of charity clients with a wide range of charity fares to suit their needs. In recent years, airlines have also begun to provide fares with similar benefits to academic institutions.

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